*Unity will close down on 10 September 2018

*Unity will close down on 10 September. After that you won’t be able to use it any more, so if you have any material you want to keep hold of, you need to download it before then.

We’ve taken this decision because, although *Unity was popular with many users, it wasn't adopted by university IT departments. Without their support, we can’t make a success of it.

Our goal was to create an open platform for cooperation between academics everywhere with shared governance, so that academia could reclaim space that has been colonised by big technology players. This idea is explained here. But, with some notable exceptions, it proved impossible to get university IT departments to buy into this vision.

A FAQ for dealing with practical issues has been posted at this link and you can also ask questions to this e-mail. Please note that if we receive large numbers of queries it may take some time to reply.

Thank you for using *Unity and good luck with your studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although *Unity was popular with many users, it wasn’t popular with university IT departments. Without their support we don’t think we can make a success of it.
*Unity will close to users on 10 September 2018 at 12 noon, London time.
No. You can of course download files one-by-one.
No. Your best bet is to use your mouse to highlight the material you want and copy it to the clipboard.
Through the ESUP-Portail association, universities in France run a deployment of the same Open Academic Environment software. At the moment, this is not open to general users but you can register your interest by emailing the OAE Project team.
All data, including personal data, will be destroyed once the service has closed. In the meantime if you need help retrieving data, contact us via e-mail.
The OAE software is open source and ESUP-Portail is continuing its development. Check out the OAE Project website.

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